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Innovation Pipeline

Algorithmic Connections driving Increased Compatibility Quotient

Ador outlines the primary pillars that determine cusp of expression and exploration. When an individual showcases complete user profile, it increases their connection quotient significantly

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Stories that touch our Mind, Body and Soul - Ador Conversations

ADOR Conversations bring leaders that are stalwarts or extremely passionate for their interests & professions. 80+ leaders have provided time-less inspiration on following their unique journeys.

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Increasing Connections with
First of its kind Industry Innovations

Higher the number of connections, higher is the amount of engagement as well as achievement of primary outcomes. Ador aims to roll-out features that ensure good connections and conversations

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When Impact meets connections - SDG Goal mapping

Sustainable Development Goals outline global goals in creating positive impact at scale. Ador considers that awareness, engagement and conversations around SDGs are utmost important

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Ads are not boredom anymore with innovative curation 

Ads are seen for creating depleting experience on the platform.

However at Ador, we have fine-tuned their engagement in a way that ads are more specific, relevant and contextual

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Advanced Facial Recognition to enable connections

Facial Recognition is very important for user

verificatio. At Ador, from selfie verifcation to advanced AI/ML based recognition, higher authenticity is obtained from its implementation

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Rolling out Inclusivity Features and enabling Real Time Connections

Ador firmly believes in Inclusivity. At Product, Branding and Marketing touch-points, Ador has integrated Inclusivity as a core aspect of its functioning

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