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How Samphion is revamping Online Dating during Pandemic !

Samphion brings this article to showcase the health & lifestyle dating trends during Pandemic.

Pandemic has changed our lives completely. Everything has changed, our home has transformed into our mini office, meeting someone in person is replaced by video calls are the 'new normal'.

Dating in a pandemic can be difficult & boring sometimes, don't worry we are here to give you some tips to be able to date in a fun & safe way.

How to date in this pandemic?

Create a profile on a dating app

The first step towards dating in this pandemic would be to create a profile on a dating app, you would have a question like why dating app? I can even use social media platforms to find & chat with new people, Yes you can, but the sole purpose of dating apps is to find a match for you based on your preferences your likes & dislikes this will help you to connect with the right kind of people, no social media platforms can do that. Try our app it's FREE, download it now from the play store (Samphion).

Add profile pictures & bio

Keep a good profile picture (simple & with a nice smile). The first impression you will leave on someone will be through your profile picture so keep a picture where your full face is visible, don't keep it with a group of friends as it may be confusing to know who you are.

Bio plays a very important role. Your bio will show who you actually are & what are your likes & dislikes, so don't use exaggerated things just write who you are in few words ( this can be difficult, it's just like an interviewer asking tell me something about yourself ) just be the real you.

Visit profiles

The algorithm of the app will show you some profiles based on your likes & dislikes, read their bio properly and see who they are, swipe the ones you are interested in.

Start communicating

Don't hesitate to send the message first, start communicating with them be clear of your intentions & your preferences. Try to be friendly and comfort them this will help the other person to be who they really are.

Why to date on Samphion?

• In this pandemic we all have lost the motivation to follow our interests, we need someone to motivate us everyday. At Samphion you can find your match based on your health & lifestyle preferences, for example if you are interested in yoga but are tired of doing it alone you can find a match who also has similar interests, you both can connect virtually & do it together online. This may help you to connect even better

• You can get motivated by seeing others life snaps

• You can showcase your skills as well, not just 1 or 2 but in 16 categories

• Our safety features will ensure that no one can misuse your photos, you must be thinking how is it possible? It is because on our app you or anyone else can't take the screenshots not even screen record, that means you can date safely

• You will be rewarded with the badge if you reported a fake profile, the badges will help your profile to increase visibility

Samphion is a fun + cool + safe app to date in this pandemic. Samphion will help you find the match that matters!


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