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Life-changing dialogue with Spiritual Guide on benefits of Spirituality in Love and Personal Lives

Updated: Apr 9

Ador is proud to present ADOR LOVESHOTS -

an Open Conversation Channel to discuss everything around the Lives of Young People -

Be it Love, Mindset, Personal Lives, Relationships, Careers, Spirituality, Different Interests & Passions with some of the World's Most Interesting personalities.

As a part of EPISODE-1 of ADOR LOVE SHOTS, enjoy an Interesting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating, on the essence of Spirituality on Relationships, Personal and Professional Lives with Deena Krishna, on the spiritual path for over 30 years in London.

Can you imagine a Spiritual Guide on the Conversation Channel of Dating App?

Yes, if the Dating App is revamping the entire landscape around the Mindset of relationships & personal lives.

Spirituality is one of the core components of Everlasting and Impactful Relationships and Mindset.

Check out this interesting conversation to uncover many aspects of Love, Relationships and Spirituality on the first episode of Ador Loveshots.

Udit Shah: Thanks Deena Krishna for your time and presence. Please share a brief about yourself and your journey so far.

Deena Krishna: I was born in London, England to a Hindu Gujarati family in 1976. I came in touch with Srila Prabhupada’s teachings in 1991. I am married to Sudevi Sundari an artist and we have 3 young children.

In addition, I run a tutoring company teaching students from the ages of 8 to 14.

Udit Shah: Covid-19 has impacted the health and mindset of the youth. How is spirituality important to instill strength & a sense of purpose for the present youth?

Deena Krishna: Covid-19 has affected millions and millions of youths worldwide. Many youngsters have contacted me and asked, Is there any point in spending so much time and money completing a degree? How do I cope with depression or unhealthy relationship issues?

My reply is that one needs a solid spiritual foundation because spirituality teaches one to be mentally tough when one faces personal problems.
To remain focused and calm when things don’t go our way.

I am not saying that all issues will go away; they will never go away; we will always have problems, whether it is related to the mind, body, living beings or natural disasters.

To gain this inner strength to manage these issues, we must come closer to our spiritual side. One method is to study the teachings of the Gita or any major book which promotes sacred values.

Udit Shah: Is spiritual growth directly related to personal growth and professional growth. Can you share real-life examples who have grown tremendously in spirituality?

Deena Krishna: The short answer is "No". Spirituality is not directly related to professional and personal growth which means you could be spiritually successful and materially not so successful.

I will like to provide an example of the Pandavas. They lost their kingdom. They had nothing materially but spiritually; they were strong, but eventually, they gained their kingdom back during the Mahabharata war.

You could have nothing but be spiritually strong and happy; the Pandavas' success lied in healthy solid relationships with each other and a deep connection of devotional service to God.

I have also seen students I have taught take up spiritual life and grow professionally. In contrast, I have observed people who have nothing, yet they are successful spiritually.

Over the years, my students have become lawyers, accountants, doctors, footballers, cricketers, coaches, teachers, actors, entrepreneurs and model citizens in society. They have understood and applied spiritual principles to their careers and personal lives.

Spirituality is compelling, and when you begin the path of knowledge, it changes the mindset of any individual.

Udit Shah: Deena, you have spent more than 30 years in spirituality. Can you share the Top 3 Benefits of Spirituality to youth in their careers and daily lives?

Deena Krishna: One benefit of gaining spiritual knowledge is,

"You become detached, so what seems to be a massive problem becomes a smaller problem to handle because you become less affected by the results."

According to the Bhagavad Gita, we understand that we are not the body or the mind. We are unique, individual, eternal and spiritual. Our time in our bodies is transient, a few decades.

The second benefit is that you get Internal Happiness. Most people in this world are looking for happiness externally.
For example, let me buy a new car, let me have a new partner, let me have so many things that will give me pleasure. It won't last long, as soon as you get it you get bored after sometime.
But, if you take to the spiritual path you start to develop joy internally; it is called bliss "Ananda" .
This bliss is far superior to any materialistic pleasure in this world.

The third benefit is that we are social animals. We have to relate to people, whether it's your mother, brother, sister, friends, or enemies. We all have to interact. We cannot live in a cave and be away from this world.

We have to live in this world, and at the same time, we need to detach ourselves. Spirituality teaches us values, culture, respect, humility, tolerance, and how to interact, relate, be strong-minded, stick up for yourself, and navigate in this world.

Udit Shah: Present youth is finding ways to balance personal and professional lives. Present youth wants all the aspects of Lives - Relations, Career, Finance, Family, and Health to be balanced. Can you share how spirituality can help balance all these wheels of our life?

Deena Krishna: Bhagavat Gita says human beings need to balance four things to reduce their suffering - Eating, Sleeping, Recreational activities, Work/Duties.

We all know if we don't eat properly, eat on time, or eat too much or too little, we will get sick. If we sleep too much or too little, we can’t function properly; our brain can't work correctly. If we don't mingle with nature and relax the mind, we will have problems.

If you don't do your prescribed duty or natural career or work too much or too little, it can cause issues to your family.

Every aspect of your life has to be balanced. Everyone knows this; however, when we go over that red line - Too much of something causes problems, and hence giving appropriate attention to all the aspects of life is crucial these days for all youths and working professionals.

Udit Shah: How should individuals help their partners grow on the path of spirituality?

Deena Krishna: Well, I have been married for nearly 19 years. I have three young children - one is eleven years old, and the other two are twins who are seven years of age. Fortunately, my wife is also spiritual, so we share common goals; therefore, our children have followed the same spiritual path without confusion.

"If one wants to be spiritually minded and the other partner doesn't want to be spiritually minded, the one that doesn't want to be spiritually minded may stop the kids from being spiritually-minded. So you must choose very carefully; the partner must be on the same wavelength as you.

At times we pass through extreme low phases of our life and at those points, our partner will help us overcome if he/she is spiritual. At those intense moments, the partner will not leave or create situations where the couple has to pair off, that's why it is very important to have a spiritual partner.

You work to grow together - you need to see each other as a team, for example when you look at cricket, two batsmen will work together for the same goal. They will score more runs to win the match; similarly, when both of you are spiritually minded, you work together to share your results with God, and when you have children, you bring them up knowing the spiritual path."

Udit Shah: It is privilege to have your deep rooted insights of spirituality and their benefits for Love, Life and Relationships. I believe that Conversations and Ideas do change the world for better and today, after learning Deep Rooted Benefits of Spirituality, I am sure this conversation has simplified most of the complex spiritual lessons into simple nuggets of wisdom. Thanks Deena Krishna for your time and insightful answers.

We are sure you would have loved the unique conversation providing perspective on Essence of Spirituality on Relationships and Personal Lives.

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We are bound to bring interesting conversations with various celebrities, leaders and personalities on Ador Loveshots. Stay tuned to our updates !


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