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How To Take Care Of Your Body In All Seasons

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Nowadays, every season brings a well-known disease if one can fit in winter then he will get sick in summer and if he manages not to get sick in summer then diarrhea caught him in the monsoon. So, the following are some ways to make your body fit all season.

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The Evergreen Way to Be Healthy is by Exercising, Yoga & Meditation:

Exercising is the evergreen tip to follow in all seasons to stay healthy. Regular exercise can help people to increase their metabolic rate which will give you energy and stamina and helps to quickly reduce your weight, as people age they will tend to get more injuries and pain in their joints by doing regular exercise they can get rid of those problems. Yoga and meditation strengthen your inner soul, it helps us to fight mental disease and exercise gives shape & strength to our body physically.

Stop Eating Junk Food:

You can't be fitted with the same diet in all seasons, you need to switch them to feel energetic. Eating junk food is one of the major reasons for obesity and chronic diseases. After avoiding it or eating it on any one day of the month, we can say goodbye to more than 50% of present diseases. If you’re addicted to it you can cut it gradually by not buying it, if it’s not in your refrigerator or shelf then you’ll tend to eat fruits and nutritious food. In the US nearly 36.5% of the population are obese, and in India, also the number of obese people is increasing day by day

So, there are many problems in every particular season. To make your body fit and disease-free all season, take a look at these tips according to seasons:


With monsoon so, many diseases come, and most are because of mosquitoes and unhygienic work. Every week you should remove stagnant water like the water in coolers and flower pots because this water is the main reason for many diseases and don’t forget to use a disinfectant for daily use or in your water storage tank. It’s the time when you get viral fevers, allergic reactions, and infection. Also in the air, there are so many types of bacteria so maintain hygiene in your surroundings. To avoid all those problems you need to intake Vitamin C because it helps you to increase your body immunity.

Cut your nails more frequently in this season so that germs and bacteria don’t accumulate there. Always wash your hand before eating. The best food for this season is: milk with turmeric at night before sleep, turmeric in any form is helpful to maintain your healthy life. Turmeric is the go-to nutritious food in every season. You should also include probiotics in your diet like yogurt, buttermilk, pickle. Good bacteria present in this type of food helps to destroy the germs which are in our stomach. Bitter gourd and spinach are rich in Vitamin C and antiviral as well. A sip of tea can give you the best experience in the monsoon morning.


The shorter days and longer nights can be challenging for you to keep maintain distance from any disease, so it shouldn’t be able to knock on your door. During the winter season, you should take care of your immune system, the reason for low immunity in this season is because of low humidity levels and inactivity of your body. Especially in this season, you should also take care of your skin. Our skin gets dry and cracked, moisturizers and cream help you to moisturize your skin, and the best way to nourish your skin is to stay hydrated. Get your allergies and flu shots from time to time. Get 7-8 hours sleep in a day to stay energetic all day.

Honey, Ginger, and Tulsi can be good options to cure the common cold in winter. You should eat whole grain food to stay warm inside your body. Cut down carbs in winters, they are necessary for your body but are limited. You should add omega 3 rich food and fiber food to your diet. Healthy fats present in it will help you to maintain good eye health, skin health, and eating fibers will be helpful in the digestive system and also help to improve the immune system. Protein-rich food can also be the best option to eat in this season, you can also easily build your muscles without too much sweating and high protein adaptability of your body in winters.


Imagine you and your friend are on a vacation trip and suddenly you get sick by the loo. What a bad situation that is. To get away from those types of health problems, you should take perfect care of your body. Apply sunscreen or cover your face with a hat or cloth before an outing on sunny days to protect your face from harmful UV rays. Stay hydrated on thirsty days. With yoga and meditation, you should take a limited amount of calories.

Unlike winters we don’t have to eat so much food until we feel overstuffed. Eating fruits and drinking their juices every 4 hours will keep your body hydrated as well as energetic. Fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, lime water keep you fresh and chilled all day long. Onions are helping you to be safe from the hot warm air of the summer season loo. Food like curd, mint, and green leafy vegetables help our body to stay cool. The best and cheapest drink for summer is coconut water, it doesn’t only tastes good but also gives you coolness and also has essential nutrients, vitamins, and other minerals. With some food and lifestyle changes, we can fight the hazardous challenges of summer.

With all these efforts, you should reduce your screen & sitting timing, take good nights of sleep, stop addiction if you’re fond of smoking, alcohol, and social media, and keep ensuring regular checkups from the doctor, all these steps will help you to take perfect care of your body.

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