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Essence of every Relationship – with our own self and with our partners

The primary essence of every relationship – be it friendship, causal relationship or serious romantic relation must be “Growth”.

When we realize this aspect, the mindset and behavior around the relations significantly improves.

The major questions that we need to ask ourselves when we get into any relationship are:

· Will I genuinely help the other person grow into their best possible selves?
· How can I help them know more about themselves that can significantly improve their self-awareness?
· How can I make my partner realize their strengths and uniqueness that can help them with their personal and professional lives?

These are very important questions and the day we start answering them – we create significant improvement in all our partnerships.

All relations significantly improve once we realize that our partner genuinely wants us to grow and improve in our personal and professional lives.

There is significant information that we know about our friends and peers. We know their vulnerabilities, fears and inner self in the best possible way.

The core reasons that we know more about our friends is our ability to gain their confidence. They have our confidence that we will keep their most inner self private and confidential.

Imagine what will happen if we make them feel vulnerable and use their crucial information against them in their lowest phase?

It leads to the loss of the confidence and hence the relation.

It is easy to gossip regarding insecurities of your best friends with social groups behind their back.

It is easy to show them their weakest side in their lowest phase.

It is very easy to share the weaknesses, lowest phases and insecurities of your close relations with the external world.

However, all these hampers your own ability to create confidence in your most significant relations.

The basics of keeping a healthy bond is to ensure that we never put our relations in the stage of vulnerability.

And the best possible way to avoid doing this in any situation is by practicing “Growth Mindset” in relations.

That’s where Growth Mindset in relations helps us in avoiding situations where we may make our partner consciously or unconsciously “Vulnerable”.

There are situations of Anger, Fear and Differences of opinions in all relations. However, one must consciously avoid using vulnerabilities of our partners in any way.

When we realize that we must not make our close relations vulnerable directly or indirectly behind their back – we cross the basics of “Growth Mindset” in our relations.

Samphion strongly wants every reader to start practicing “Growth Mindset in Relations” and be a more genuine & healthier partner in every bond

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