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Best Indian Music Bands of all time

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Music has been a necessary part of Indian art and elegance. Over the years, Indian music has developed very much by accepting and experimenting with several genres, to match the liking of the audiences. From pop bands to metal bands to independent singers, our nation has it all. Music, as we perceive it nowadays, has come a long way. Among the surge of contemporary music and artists, certain artists from our yesterdays remain in our hearts permanently.

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Here are some of the Best Music Bands in India who entertained us with their art form and gave us some of the best music albums.

Still Waters

This is an authentic rock band from Gangtok. The band started in 2001, shot to fame with their extraordinary performance in the Great Indian Rock, and was presented in MTV Roots as well.

Underground Activity

This one’s a mix of rap-rock and reggae with politically charged words. The essence of revolt and opposition in their song is much admired by the intellect seeking Calcutta audience but the Hornbill champions have shown their conventional potential with their time at India’s Got Talent as well.

Inner Sanctum

Bangalore’s thrash metal band, Inner Sanctum, had become the stars of Jack Daniel’s Rock Award, Levis Band of the Year, Provenance, had been recorded in Rock Street Journal’s Top 10 EP’s of The Decade in the year 2010. They had also opened up for Metallica in 2011.

Thaikkudam Bridge

In Kerala, this is one excellent Mallu rock band that was created in 2013 and their song, “Fish Rock” was a great hit on social media. Although they have several rock songs, Bridge does not mind sticking to one specific genre.


The generous rock band of Bengal, Fossils were the originators of the genre called Bangla Rock. With boys and girls breaking into craze at the sight of the national award achiever, songster, and the band, Fossils took on fans beyond Bengal as well when they rocked Pune in NH7 Weekender, 2015.

The Vinyl Records

A female rock band from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, The Vinyl Records, have traveled to major cities of the country and have performed at high profile occasions such as The Loudest Gig, Ziro Music Festival, and Puma Loves Vinyl.


Made in 2006, Agnee had been one of some Indian rock bands to have signed a deal with Sony BMG. The and includes principles of classic rock along with Hindustani classical and Carnatic music and had also given the popular music audience a taste of India with Yaariyan from the film Cocktail.


With the completely fresh essence of old-school blues, Soulmate is one of the finest rock bands the country has witnessed. Created in 2003, the music band from Shillong, Meghalaya, Soulmate was the only blues band to present India at the 23rd International Blues Challenge in America.


Yet another wonderful band from Bangalore, Swarathma is a folk/fusion band with fundamentals of rock and roll as well as Indian Classic. The band has been on the screen of Rolling Stones, India, and has also achieved the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards in 2009. The music band has traveled in countries like Morocco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the UK as well.

A Mutual Question

Formed only in 2013, this post-rock band from Pune is just creating waves in the indie music setting of the country. Although post-rock by genre, the four-part band had also tested with Indian classical vocals in Eyes Everywhere and have directed to impress both fans and critics.

Shades of Retribution

Shades of Retribution is a death metal music band created in Assam. The Assamese verse of the songs talks about the encounters of living in this part of the country. The heavy music with lyrics about suppression and outrages on the Assamese population makes the band quite famous.

Raghu Dixit Project

Probably the greatest name in the indie music setting in India, The Raghu Dixit Project’s music is based mostly on folks along with heart-racking songs now and then. The band has not only conquered the hearts of Indian audiences but they have also fascinated the Queen of England and the complete Royal family in England.

Demonic Resurrection

A blackened death metal band as they are called, Demonic Resurrection is the big name of the metal scenery in India. One of the most prosperous metal bands of India, their fourth record, The Demon King was issued not only in India but Europe and USA as well.


The alt-rock band from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is one of the finest of Indian rock. With strong, bestial vocals, insane guitar flashes, and wise use of turntables, Avial is a band that can represent India globally on any given day.

Ganesh Talkies

The Calcutta band created in 2011 has a very extraordinary sound with pop, electro-funk, alt-rock mixed with Bollywood. the winners of Converse Original Band: 2012, the four-piece band has been concerting all over the country for the last number of years.


A gradual band which is even though from India, has its associates from the US as well. Signed with Basick Records, the band published their album named, Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos in 2012 which attributed Sunneith Revankar from Bhayanak Maut as well.

Papon and The East India Company

This electric folk-fusion band from Delhi was made in 2007 and they’re presently established in Mumbai. The band is one of the most famous names in the gig circle all over the nation and apart from doing significant events in India, Papon and The East India Company have also performed at the Dubai World Music Festival.

It’s hard to endure as a musician in India without accepting Bollywood. Yet, some bands in the country may be deemed the saving elegance of the self-sufficient music scene of India. With music in different genres, classics, and forms, some of these indie bands are already a large name and the rest are about to be in a matter of period.

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