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Best Cardio Exercise To Be Fit Without Gym

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

What does cardio exercise mean?

Cardio exercise means in this exercise your body breaks down nutrients To produce energy in the presence of air. for example if you are walking at a medium pace for a comparatively long period of time, you are doing cardio exercise. The opposite of cardio is glycolytic exercise, in the exercise your body breaks down nutrients to produce energy in the absence of air.

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Cardio exercises are simple and effective. Here are some of the best cardio exercises for fast weight loss:


Walking is the most ancient and still the most effective cardiovascular exercise suggested highly by the experts. Walking besides losing weight has its own dozens of benefits like it helps prevent or control serious conditions like heart disease, type two diabetes, high blood pressure etc. But if you are looking for fast results in your fat loss journey walk at a faster pace. Walking for an hour can result in burning 400 calories or even more. So get your sports shoes ready for tomorrow morning.


Remember your childhood when you and your friends burnt thousands of calories without even realising it while playing the skipping game. Yes, I'm not joking, an hour of skipping burns 900 calories or more. Skipping also has other benefits like it strengthens your bones and joints, and is good for the heart. So if you want to fasten your fat loss journey skip for at least half an hour a day.


Swimming is one of the best methods to burn calories. So if you work the whole day go for swimming not only it will burn your calories but also you will find it joyful. You will get a break from the routine, other Cardio exercises may sound boring but swimming is never boring. An hour of swimming burns about 1000 calories. So don’t forget to add swimming in your daily activity to see a faster result in your losing weight.


Burpees are easy to perform, high calorie burning exercises which challenge cardiac and leg muscles and strengthen them in the process.

How to perform burpees?

  • Start with the squat position and hands on the ground.

  • Push your feet back to convert into a plank position.

  • Now jump off from the plank position to stand up on your feet and extend your arms in the air.

  • Repeat the procedure

Burpees are recommended by many fitness athletes to increase the endurance capacity of the body. When you master the normal burpees try the tough variants like box jump burpee, burpees push-up, double burpees etc.


What is better than burning hundreds of calories and having fun at the same time. Football is a fun game, a Person runs a lot while playing football which in turn burns hundreds of calories. So make sure you add football to your routine to get some fun and burn calories at the same time. An average 90 minute game of football burns about 700 calories.


Cycling is one of the best cardio exercises for those who have had injuries or any other conditions which gives them a need to avoid any impact on their joints. It is also one of the practical ways as a person needs to go from one place to another, say from home to supermarket or office, he can cycle to cover the journey rather than going on a bike or other vehicle, thereby helping him burn calories as well as saving the petrol. An hour of cycling burns about 600-700 calories.

Unlike weight training, cardio exercises do not need heavy equipment or there are no strict rules however, for better results your pulse should be between 140-160 during the period of exercise and the time period must be of at least 20 minutes per day.

However, a person should be well aware of his capacity and should never force his body to do something unusual which may result in an accident, like when you have done certain burpees and now your body is not supportive of another set, don’t force yourself take some rest again do it to your limits, after a few days you'll see yourself doing more than the number you used to do, that is called gaining stamina

So these were some of the best cardio exercises which help you gain fitness. Happy Exercising!!!

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