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Check what Marathoner, Coach, Author & Ex-CXO has to say on "Navigating Relations, Career & Passions

Updated: Apr 9

Ador is proud to present ADOR LOVESHOTS - an Open Conversation Channel to discuss everything around the Lives of Young People -

Ador Loveshots is bringing one conversation at a time to upgrade & inspire youth. With conversations around Love, Life, Career, Relationships and Interests - Ador Loveshots aims to provide rich nuggets of wisdom from experts and leaders like you

As a part of EPISODE-2 of ADOR LOVE SHOTS, enjoy an Interesting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating, on the topic of "Navigating through Relationships, Career and Passions during Youth" with Hetal Sonpal, Board Member at Ador Dating, Ex- Microsoft, Intel, Wipro, Marathoner, Author, Fitness Enthusiast

Udit Shah: Please share a brief about yourself, your interests and passions

Hetal Sonpal: Born and brought up in Bhopal. Engineer, MBA, Doctoral Student. 22 Years in Tech Industry with Sales, Strategy and Leadership Roles across major organizations like Wipro, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Intel. Startup Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Marathoner, Author

Udit Shah: Hetal, you wear multiple hats of being a Fitness Enthusiast, you read 100+ books yearly, actively participating in Marathons and also authored “Against all Odds”. How can youth optimize time to explore various facets of life like you do ? Please spill out your secret

Hetal Sonpal: Never say no to anything. Be a lifelong learner. Explore - Experiment - Excel

Udit Shah: You have been observing startup space and actively engaging with ventures since their inception. What are your  top suggestions for young professionals who are aiming to open their startup or join any startup venture ?

Hetal Sonpal: Don't have the herd mentality. Try to take the hard route . Look for a co-founder, the journey is not worth doing it alone. Be ready for the long haul. Avoid raising funds as much as possible. Never Give Up.

Udit Shah:

Fitness requires efforts and discipline

Relationships require efforts


Career also requires efforts and hard-work

Online Social Networks, Gaming and Addictions provide instant Dopamine and this makes it hard for the youth to give efforts in order to achieve goals in their lives.

What are your advices for youth to change their mind and develop discipline around important goals in their lives ?

Hetal Sonpal: Jo Dikhta hain, vo hota nahin hain. Do not take everything on face value. Trust, but do your own check. Never believe you have enough, never believe you have done enough. Always look for ways to improve, to excel, to thrive.

Udit Shah: It is normal to talk about Finance, Crypto, Sports, Careers and Politics, Shopping, etc.

However when it comes to relationships and dating, most of the families are not comfortable to discuss these aspects at length. There is still lots of Stigma around Dating and lots of work is required to be done around Dating culture.

How do you think we can normalize these conversations and make them mainstream ? Hetal Sonpal: If you think today's times are tough, you should have seen my parents and grandparents times !!

Well, there will. always be naysayers, disbelievers, non-conformists, who will question everything. One needs to be prepared for these challenges. Not just ignore them, but accept that they will be there. One has to thrive despite these challenges. What's life without any problems?

Udit Shah: Young people are understanding that Relationships are long term partnerships and we see many success stories of “Power Couples” in Sports, Entrepreneurship, Corporates, Entertainment, Impact and other Industries. How do you think young people can create such empowering relationships with their partners so that both can grow personally and professionally ?

Hetal Sonpal: One never knows the background story and the grind in case of 'Power Couples', so it is not fair to assume that its all rosy and fine in their case. They have had their own share of problems before they said "I Do".

They are normal humans first, and celebrities/stars later. Empowerment comes through trust and trust is built with experience. There are no short cuts. One needs to be prepared for the long haul.

Udit Shah: Fun & Open-ended questions to conclude the conversations

Q: What is the one place that you will like each couple that plans for a date on Ador to surely visit ?
Hetal Sonpal: Their inner self
Q: What is the one comedian that you think every couple must follow on Social Media so that their relationship will be fun and interesting ?
Hetal Sonpal: The silly version of themselves - He who can laugh on himself, laughs the most.
Q: Since you are an avid book reader - One book that will help the couple to improve their chemistry and relationship
Hetal Sonpal:  If there was one such book, all couples would have read and 'divorce' would not exist in any dictionary. There is no book for relationships. Every couple has to write their own book and read it and rewrite and reread it over and over again. Don't go by cliches, create one.

Q: If you had to suggest one activity that every couple must do post matching on Ador
Hetal Sonpal: Thank the founder and the team behind the App. They have no idea how much blood sweat and tear goes behind building a successful startup. If anything more, they can thank the advisor also ;-)

Udit Shah: Hahaha, I strongly agree to the last answer. To me, success will be hearing the stories of couples meeting on Ador and adoring each other for the lifetime. If any of the readers want to talk to us, feel free to reach us out on /


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