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ADOR Loveshots Conversation on 'Following Passion & Foundation of Love Life' with Asha Ponnachan

Updated: Apr 9

As a part of EPISODE-4 of ADOR LOVE SHOTS, enjoy an Interesting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating, on the topic of "Following Passion & Foundation of Love Life" with Asha Ponnachan, Partner at Ador Dating, Poet, Performance Artist, and Literature Lover; Ex-P&G, Marketing, and Sales Professional.

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Please share a brief about you and your journey as a poet, business professional, and performance artist.

I don't know when I became a poet but I have been writing as a form of expression and catharsis since I was a child. The same goes for performing. Learned dance as a child, went on stage and I loved the feeling of being on stage as well as the freedom of expression in letting go and truly dancing.

As for business professionals, that's a path that organically evolved pursuant to my education and opportunities that presented themselves. When one takes hold of all that life can offer and works towards their goals and passions, more doors open, more opportunities appear and the journey becomes fruitful.

How did you initiate your journey as a Performance artist?

Started as a child with classical Indian dance forms and then somewhere along the way, storytelling took the form of acting on stage. It just evolves from there.

What are your other interests and hobbies?

Experiencing different cultures, trying new things, swimming, reading, crocheting, and other needlework crafts.

How do you manage to provide time to professional activities as well as hobbies on daily basis?

I can't do everything in one day and I don't think we need to do all that we enjoy on a daily basis. However, I do frequently carve out time by scheduling for weeks ahead.

. How Relationship culture has changed from the timeline of 2000's to 2020’s ?

It has become, in my opinion, more difficult to meet and spend time with people in person with busier lifestyles and having to travel further for work, education, etc. So meeting people online and a chat culture has become quite common. It also seems that people tend to be less given to commitment which makes it difficult to find meaningful relationships.

Finding love on online platforms has become a new normal for the youth in 2020’s. What are your candid perspectives on finding love on Online Mediums?

It is a viable option in today's times and has proven successful for many people, however, as in all things, there is risk involved. People would be well advised to verify information given before getting involved. Of course, the risks are present even in offline or in-person meetings.

What are the key aspects that you consider every couple must consider to enable their mutual growth?

Communication. Free, safe, honest, open, and truthful communication. Communication involves listening as much as it involves sharing.

Online Dating has received lots of negative perceptions. What are the top 3 ways by which this issue can be addressed?,

The success stories of so many couples who have found true love and meaningful relationships should be case enough for the value of online dating. It should also be recognized that young people in urban environments don't necessarily have the kind of community that conventionally provided dating opportunities so online dating is a feasible option. Of course, as I mentioned before, there are risks involved but the same risks could be said for in-person dating as well.

Fun and Rapid-Fire Round on Ador Love shots

Udit Shah: What will your bio on Ador say?

Asha Ponnachan: Fit poet who loves honesty and truth.

Udit Shah: If you had to date one celeb – who he/she will be?

Asha Ponnachan:

I am not on the same ground with popular opinions when it comes to who is given celebrity status. There are so many people who fight for community wellbeing, emotional health awareness, and peace in this world who should be given the importance they deserve. To me, these are the real celebrities. I would happily date an artist who uses their art for social justice.

Udit Shah: One place that you want every couple must visit once in their lifetime?

Asha Ponnachan: A place of a cherished memory for either person. This will bring them closer as they experience each other's life even more closely.

Udit shah: One Movie that every couple must watch together to get a perspective on Life & Relationships

Asha Ponnachan: One of my short films-LOL.

Udit Shah: Share your one short poem for all the love-birds out there

Asha Ponnachan:


if for once to hold

the hands of truth,

for once to behold

the vision of honesty

This here threshold

Where I first met you

Would the foundation mould

Upon which love was laid.

-Asha (copyright 2022)

Udit Shah: Craziest yet fun way to show “I love you” to your partner

Asha Ponnachan: Learn all the little things that your partner loves and do those little things for them, especially when they least expect it. This has a more lasting impact on bringing people closer than lavish gifts.

Udit Shah: Since you are having multiple interests, select the sequence of categories where you will start exploring individuals on ADOR

Asha Ponnachan:

  • Poetry

  • Art

  • Fitness

  • Meditation

Thank you, for your amazing answers. It was fun having you on Ador Loveshots.


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