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ADOR Loveshots Conversation on 'Journey of Book Reviewing & Content Writing' with Tanvi

Updated: Apr 9

As a part of EPISODE-9 of ADOR LOVE SHOTS, enjoy an Interesting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating, on the topic of "Journey of Book Reviewing & Content Writing" with Tanvi, Book Reviewer, and Content Writer.

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Please share a brief about you and your journey as a book reviewer and your life experience as a part of the same.

I had started my bookstagram back then in 2019. But I took it seriously and started working hard in 2020 during a pandemic. I read very much in the lockdown and shared my reading experience with my audience. It has been a great journey of reading, reviewing, and recommending books passionately on my page. I love doing that a lot and I hope I never cease to do it.

How many books do you read on monthly basis and how do you assign your daily schedule for the same?

I read almost 5-6 books on a monthly basis which includes books from my TBR and review copies. I read in the morning before I go to the office. In the office, I try to read provided I get sufficient time. And then, I read in the evening after I get back home.

If you had a chance to spend 1 hour with one of your favorite authors, who he/she will be?

One of my fav authors is Arundhati Roy and I would like to spend more time with her and not just an hour.

How does reading improve your concentration, focus, and breadth of knowledge? How does it help you in daily life?

Being a content writer, reading helps me in my writing. You will get new words, phrases while reading which you can use in your writing. Also, empathy is the foremost emotion that reading imparts on readers. And this is an important factor in today’s world where hate is spreading like fire and there is a very small room for love and empathy.

Of course, you get immense knowledge, perspectives, and facts through reading, and who doesn’t want to be full of knowledge and be the smartest one in the room?

What are your tips for young professionals to follow their passion and daily routine?

Whatever is your passion, find and follow it. There is no tomorrow and life can be changed in a fraction of seconds. So if you don’t want to regret not following your passion on the deathbed, then you should follow your passion now at a young age. It will truly give you satisfaction and make life meaningful.

Your Top 3 favorite Books and their genre

  • Man’s Search For Meaning: Philosophy/Psychology

  • The God Of Small Things: Domestic Fiction

  • The Perks of Being a wallflower: YA

Fun and Rapid Fire Round on Ador Loveshots

Udit Shah: One book that you would suggest young people gift to their crush?

Tanvi: Pride and Prejudice, Norwegian Wood, The perks of being a wallflower

Udit Shah: One author that you would love to date?

Tanvi: Murakami, Oscar Wilde, Franz Kafka

Udit Shah: If you had a chance to launch a movie from any of the books that you have read, what book will that be?

Tanvi: The God Of Small Things, The Silent Patient, The Mountains Sing

Udit Shah: Your favorite book

Tanvi: The God Of Small Things, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Udit Shah: How a month without book reading would look like to you?

Tanvi: I can’t imagine this because reading has become part of my life. Wherever I go, I carry a book with me and start reading it as and when I get sufficient time.

Thank you for your amazing answers. It was fun having you on Ador Loveshots.


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