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ADOR LOVESHOTS Conversation on 'Journey of being a professional yoga practitioner' with Shubhangi

In episode 39 of ADOR LOVESHOTS, enjoy this conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating App and Shubhangi Chauhan - Yoga Professional.

Please share a brief about you and your journey as a Yoga professional.

During the pandemic, I got to know myself more. As yoga was one of my hobbies, I preferred doing it on daily basis. Soon, I realised that this is the only thing I want to do in my life. Now I am helping others in changing their life and I am proud of it.

What are the core reasons for your passion for the field of Yoga? Share with us how Yoga has become a core of your daily life?

Ever since I was a child, I was attracted to spirituality and Yoga. As I grew up, I made it my hobby. During the pandemic, I got a lot of time to practice it and from then I have never stopped working on it.

If you had a chance to spend 1 hour with one professional Yoga expert, who he/she would be?


Why yoga is of utmost importance to learn for the youth?

It encourages an individual’s physical as well as mental health.

What are the easiest ways for the youth to learn the basics of yoga from the comforts of their home i.e. online?

As I am a yoga professional, I can help an individual to learn basics as well as advance training online.

How does yoga help in the growth of the practitioner in terms of physical and mental benefits?

Through yoga, a practitioner can attain good flexibility and strength to lessen the chances of injury and through meditation, one can find a healthy mindset and inner peace.

Your Top 3 favourite Yoga professionals in India?


How Yoga impacts the overall mind, body and spiritual spheres?

Yoga is not only about practising physical positions but also it is a process in itself. A process of self-learning and mindfulness. One can find the meaning of their life through this process.

Fun and Rapid Fire Round on Ador Loveshots.

Udit Shah: One teacher who has changed your life?

Shubhangi Chauhan: Earlier I was a self-practitioner so I didn’t get any mentor or teacher at that time, but currently all my college teachers are my inspiration.

Udit Shah: Your favourite dancer in your favourite yoga asana form?

Shubhangi Chauhan: None.

Udit Shah: Your topmost favourite Indian and Global Actor?

Shubhangi Chauhan: None.

Udit Shah: You cannot imagine your single day without?

Shubhangi Chauhan: Practising yoga and meditation.

Udit Shah: Top 2 Benefits of Yoga?

Shubhangi Chauhan: You stay healthy inside out and you also feel more confident.

Udit Shah: If you were given a chance to choose one Global yoga celeb for sharing the stage with, whom would you choose?

Shubhangi Chauhan: Tyana.


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