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ADOR LOVESHOTS Conversation on 'Journey of Becoming a Fashion Influencer' with Anushka Gupta.

Updated: Apr 9

In Episode 19 of ADOR LOVE SHOTS, relish this interesting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating, and Anushka Gupta - Fashion Influencer.

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Please share a brief about yourself and following your passion for Modeling, Fashion, and Fitness.

I decided to be a fashion model when I was in 10th grade. One fine day I was watching this fashion TV and it clicked! I had a feeling I want to do something here, something in this Industry and that's how it happened.

Since you have been a modeling and fashion professional, how can youngsters improve their style statements for their dates?

I just want to say - wear anything you want, whatever you like just make sure you are comfortable in it and you are confident enough to carry it!

What are the latest nuances in modeling and how Instagram is influencing individuals who are passionate abo

The important change that is happening is people are more accepting nowadays. They have a more realistic approach and modeling is open for all shapes and sizes and that's the best thing. Also, there are no stereotypes left like a model should be a certain shape and/or a certain size. So this is the change I'm loving!

One male model that you would dream of date?

The one male model whom I wanna date is Milind Soman and it's never changing!

Your go-to style of fashion?

My go-to fashion style is a white plain Tee or a white shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes - classic!

One quote that sums up your journey till now?

I've read this somewhere - Everything happens for a reason. Whether it worked for you or didn't, it's still in your favor.

How to start a journey in fashion and modeling?

The very basic step is to get a portfolio done. Make sure you don't have pictures in just western or Indian clothes. It should be a mix of everything because picture variation, expressions, and how you look in a certain outfit is very important

Fun and Rapid Fire Round on Ador Loveshots

Udit Shah: Your favorite International Model?

Anushka: Definitely, Gigi Hadid.

Udit Shah: If you had a chance to date one famous fitness freak - who she will be?

Anushka: Chloe Ting. I love her!

Udit Shah: What is your dream date idea?

Anushka: I don't have a certain idea about a date. I want things to happen very organically. So, whatever my date brings to the table, I am happy with that.

Udit Shah: Which healthy dish you would order on your first date?

Anushka: I am not a person who imposes rules on eating especially on a date. So, I'll order whatever I feel like having.

Udit Shah: A dessert that is perfect for your cravings and is healthy?

Anushka: Anything that goes with dark chocolate. I usually prefer a bar.

Thank you for your lovely time!

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