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ADOR Loveshots Conversation on 'Journey of a Passionate Kathak Dancer' with Pooja Pant

Updated: Apr 9

As a part of EPISODE-10 of ADOR LOVE SHOTS, enjoy an Interesting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating, on the topic of "Journey of a Passionate Kathak Dancer" with Pooja Pant, Kathak Dancer and Actor.

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Share a brief about you and your journey on following your passion of becoming a kathak dancer

I started learning Kathak at the age of 4 and in my 8th grade, I decided to take it up as a career.. I then did my diploma in kathak, bachelor in English literature, and MA in kathak.. I have been performing and teaching for the last 15 years.

One quote that captures your journey so far

If you have discipline, drive and determination then nothing is impossible.

One reason that you will give to every young person is to follow their dreams and passion

For the feeling of fulfillment.

How a young person can start their journey as a dancer these days from their home at No or minimal cost?

Training for a good amount of time is very important so signup with a nearby or online class by choosing a style you love and then stick to training and learning.. do not learn from social media sites!

There is a misconception that following heart doesn’t help you become financially independent. Can you help us break this myth by explaining to us the growth of your journey?

It is totally a misconception that following your heart will make you financially dependent.. if it was true then the Sachin Tendulkars and the Lata Mageshkars of the world wouldn't exist. If you plan, organize, and persist then you can achieve a lot of success in your chosen field.

Fun and Rapid Fire Round on Ador Loveshots

Udit Shah: One of your dance career moment that you will never get bored of

Pooja Pant: Standing in the wings ready to take the stage is something I will never get bored of.

Udit Shah: Your kathak mentor

Pooja Pant:

Rajashree Shirke 
An exponent of Kathak and Bharatanatyam, Rajashree Shirke has through a deep and prolonged practical study, managed to capture and retain in her performance the technique and nuances of both these styles. She has performed extensively in India and aboard. Rajashree is the Principal of the Lasya Centre of Dance Education and Research, which conducts a Diploma in Kathak and Bharatanatyam.

Arjun Mishra
A disciple of stalwarts like Pandit Birju Maharaj, Pandit Ram Narain Mishra and Alakhnanada Devi, Mishra had been training students for more than 30 years. He was known as a dancer-choreographer-teacher par excellence.

Udit Shah: If you had a chance to date one Global dancer or celebrity who will it be?

Pooja Pant: Jiri Kylian

The world-renowned choreographer Jiří Kylián (Czechoslovakia, 1947) has been artistic director of Nederlands Dans Theater for nearly a quarter century.

Udit Shah: Top 2 songs that you will play to impress your first date

Pooja Pant:

  • Yeh moh moh ke dhage

  • I won't give up

Udit Shah: One celebrity dancer you will love to meet

Pooja Pant: Akram Khan

Akram Khan is one of the most celebrated and respected dance artists of today. In just over 19 years he has created a body of work that has contributed significantly to the arts in the UK and abroad.

Thank you for your amazing answers. It was fun having you on Ador Loveshots Download Now


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