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ADOR Loveshots Conversation on 'How to develop and nurture passion in multiple domains' with Rupsa

Updated: Apr 9

As a part of EPISODE-8 of ADOR LOVE SHOTS, enjoy an Interesting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating, on the topic of "How to develop and nurture passion in multiple domains" with Rupsa Pal, Artist, Painter, Writer & Book Reader.

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Please share a brief about you and your journey of following growing your passions as an artist, poet, writer, painter, and author

Hi, I am Rupsa Pal Kundu. I am the author of a travelogue fiction laced with magical realism Aria Of The Detour.

I was born in Jabalpur, India. I did my masters' program in Microbiology. I have always been fond of stories and fantasy dictates my life. I am an introvert with a never-ending passion for life and love, which gets reflected in my paintings. Being the hopeless romantic and bibliophile for life has helped me immensely in the journey of creativity. I love baking and Instagramming along with reading, reviewing, and writing.

Apart from writing and painting, I have had a fair share of adventure with my voice. I played the role of a voice artist for commercials and I have a podcast based on literature, Rupsareads Between The Lines which is available in prime podcasting apps like Hubhopper, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocketcast to name a few.

Aria Of The Detour is my first book, which is available on Kindle. I live with my husband, Soumendu, and Son, Rushank in Kolkata. I can be found in the following:

How have you managed to play all these roles and learn various skills during the course of your life?

My support of my family especially that of my mother and husband plays an immense role in nurturing my passion for art and literature.

If you had a chance to spend 1 hour with one of your favorite authors, who he/she will be?

Margaret Atwood, I absolutely love her.

What is a step-wise process to start the journey as a painter?

Initially one has to look forward to the art form he is comfortable with. And then he needs to do his share of research regarding the form. Now, a day's various painters share their skills online and it would be the next step to get in touch with them. And, the final and most important step of all is to practice, practice, and more practice.

What are your tips for young professionals to follow their passion and daily routine?

One cannot ignore the hub-bubs of life and the following passion in this busy time is quite difficult if not curated properly.

  1. Set a goal for a month and plan accordingly. Planning in writing generally helps more to achieve the goal.

  2. There must be a set time in each day for pursuing the passion.

  3. Following the persons whom you admire does a great motivation nowadays as one can see about them and how they are doing it almost perfectly.

  4. As soon as one achieves a small success, one much reward oneself. I do this now and then, and it really does wonders.

Your Top 3 favorite painters and why you love their work?

  • Henri Matisse for his magical fluidity in colours.

  • Vincent van Gogh for being the persistent passionate painter who was self-taught as well.

  • Leonardo da Vinci for being the ultimate genius.

Fun and Rapid Fire Round on Ador Loveshots

Udit Shah: One book that you suggest all couples read on their date.

Rupsa: The Bridges of Madison County

Udit Shah: If you had a chance to meet your favorite author - who would that be?

Rupsa: Margaret Atwood

Udit Shah: One poet whom you would love to meet and listen to poetry from

Rupsa: Atticus

Udit Shah: Your most favorite book

Rupsa: Wuthering Heights

Udit Shah: Which is that one hobby/interest without which you cannot spend one month?

Rupsa: Painting and Baking

Thank you for your amazing answers. It was fun having you on Ador Loveshots.


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