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ADOR LOVESHOTS Conversation on '24 Years Journey as a Musician and Composer' with Praashekh Borkar.

Updated: May 11, 2022

In Episode 15 of ADOR LOVESHOTS, enjoy this conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating and Praashekh Borkar - Music Composer and Sound Engineer.

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Share a brief about you and your journey on following your passion of becoming a musician.

I was born into a musical family and had been listening to and absorbing music at a subconscious level since I was a baby and it slowly became apart of my life. My father Pt Shekhar Borkar is my Guru and started training me in the art of playing Sarod from the age of 7. I learnt basics of singing and Tabla from the age of 4 which helped solidify my grasp of Sur and Taal before learning Sarod.

You have been an expert in multiple instruments; how have you managed to learn the same in a short period of time?

I learnt the Sarod for several years and performed a lot of solo performances. Later in my teens, when I started performing duets with other musicians I decided to learn the basics of other instruments to understand and appreciate the effort required to play and perform phrases on those instruments. What might be hard on a Sarod may not be hard on a Sitar or Violin and vice versa. That learning process eventually led me to learn more than just the basics as I got more and more keen on how other instruments work and open new paths of creativity and how techniques and ideas from those instruments could now be brought back to the Sarod and I could experiment with phrases that weren't common on the Sarod. It wasn't short period of time exactly but once you learn and understand "music" on one instrument, then it's mainly a matter of understanding the techniques of the new instrument and all this existing music knowledge can be applied there.

One quote that captures your journey so far?

Where words fail, music speaks.

One reason that you will give to every young person to learn at least one instrument in the field of music?

Main reason to have music in your life would be to find yourself. Disconnect from the world and connect with yourself and let emotions flow through your art. I find it one of the best ways to find inner peace.

How a young person can start their journey of learning any instrument these days from their home in no or minimal cost?

Start with listening. There is an old saying - Pehle kaansen bano, phir taansen banneki koshish karo. Listening is the best stage of learning and usually easily accessible. Listen with the intention to learn. Familiarize the ears to music or your choice of instrument or musician. Then a basic path is created by itself.

There is misconception that following your heart doesn't help you become financially independent. Can you help us break this myth by explaining us growth of your journey?

Well, I have been performing for almost 24-25 years now and I would say parallel education is very important. It helps artists from getting exploited. Education helps keep in touch with worldly affairs and also helps in negotiating terms with event organizers, record labels, etc. I did a degree in business which at the time I thought was just a formality since I wanted to become a musician. But in recent years, that degree came handy when I successfully set up my own Academy of Music in Australia singlehandedly.

Fun and Rapid Fire Round on Ador Loveshots

Udit : One song that you will never get bored of?

Praashekh : Tender Surrender by Steve Vai (Instrumental Song)

Udit : Your favourite Indian song that has ethnic appeal ?

Praashekh : Most songs from the movie Baiju Bawara

Udit : One Music Song that you would love to perform at Indian Stage ?

Praashekh : If I'd get to perform it with original composer and singer - it would be "Tu Hi Re"

Udit : Time it took you to learn advanced level of music engineering ?

Praashekh : I am mainly self taught in this aspect and learnt sound engineering by spending time in studios and with sound engineers and seeing them work. I learnt basics in a few weeks but I would say I am still constantly learning and teaching myself more through experimentation almost on a daily basis

Udit : One online music guru that everyone can refer to - for learning music?

Praashekh : Haha I would recommend myself. Though I would always suggest take a few lessons in person with your teacher to get your hands and technique in place. Once your guru is satisfied that your technique and hand positioning is good then you can move to advanced lessons online.

Thank you for your time and conversation with us! We are sure that this conversation will help millions of youth in coming time.

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