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ADOR Loveshot Conversation on "Venturing into Entrepreneurship & Following Heart" with Jayveer Zala

Updated: Apr 9

As a part of EPISODE-26 of ADOR LOVE SHOTS, enjoy an Interesting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating, on the topic of "Conversation on “Venturing into Entrepreneurship and Following Heart" with Jayveer Zala Founder of MyAvocadoGuy.

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Please share a brief about your journey of venturing into Entrepreneurship

Becoming a Founder has developed my perspective of entrepreneurship, it's so simple, to be a good entrepreneur, you just have to focus on adding value to the system and nothing else, that is the foundation of a good business. Besides, I am grateful to be in this process of facing new challenges, learning new things, focusing on self growth, etc. My purpose is to add value to the system by my work.

Why are you hyper focused on Avocado and what are the core benefits of this fruit ?

Out of nowhere, I started selling Avocados with the intention of doing something when I was messed up with my life. The challenges in selling the best quality of Avocados has kept me motivated and focused with the process. Fruit is tricky and new for the Indian market, and that has given me a lot of opportunities to work with the fruit in Indian market.

Avocados itself is an unusual fruit, fruits usually are sweet and sour. Avocados is creamy and that brings it's unusual health benefits. It's diabetic friendly, fats from Avocados are heart healthy, good for skin and hair. They have good fibre content, which promotes digestive functions. Good for pregnant women and is a good baby good. Due to its high calorie value, it's powder can be useful for malnourished people and to places where getting/ carrying food is a luxury.

If you had a chance to spend 1 hour with one entrepreneur, who would he/she will be ?

There are many entrepreneurs/speakers that I like and follow, but if I had to choose one maybe at this point of life, it would be Gary Vayernchuk.

What are core challenges that you have faced in this venture ?

Core challenges with my venture was, The product/service was completely new for me and I had to learn everything regarding the product/service as well as understand the market-product relationship.

What success means to you ?

Success to me is Whatever present moment I have, living it to the fullest with self awareness. So, success, is not the destination where I am leading, it's always in the moments, in process.

One quote that sums up your journey One quote that sums up my journey The universe has this amazing way of giving back to those who serve first.

Top 3 tips for youth who want to launch their own business
  • Become self aware about who they really are and what kind of life they really want and does that process of getting into business is really fulfilling them. If they don't know at this point, just get into the process and adjust. But get things started first.

  • Be selfish for self growth and be selfless when time comes to give their time and energy for something bigger than themselves.

  • Have patience, fall in love with process.

Fun and Rapid Fire Round on Ador Loveshots

Udit Shah: Are you spiritual ? If yes, who is one spiritual leader that you follow? If no, what are your views on the same ?

Jayveer Zala: Yes, I am spiritual. Jiddu Krishnamurthy, Eckhart tolle, I have read and got inspired.

Udit Shah: Your one life-changing experience

Jayveer Zala: My life changing experience is when I was diagnosed with GBS ( Guillain-Barré syndrome ) then I understood the value of every moment of life.

Udit Shah: What is biggest lesson from your professional career ?

Jayveer Zala: Biggest lesson is “Universe has amazing way of giving back to people who serve first”

Udit Shah: What is your one intangible achievement that is far about any monetary value

Jayveer Zala: Getting acknowledge with the value of service I provide for customers. Finding the niche kind of service required for Avocados.

Udit Shah: Who is your role model ? Jayveer Zala: Gary Vayernchuk and Jiddu Krishnamurthy

Thank you for your amazing answers. It was fun having you on Ador Loveshots

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