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7 Tips to Excel an Online Job Interview

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

There was a time when we usually went for an interview. We mostly know what we have to do like confidently open the door, portray your perfect body language, speak flawlessly. There are millions of videos and training modules about how to give a person-to-person interview.

But, now the world has changed from recruiting to working all go digital. After the pandemic also, I think in-person interviews never make a comeback whether the offices open or not except for some government job interviews because in that along with your knowledge they also have to check your personality and body language.

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Now, people understand if it’s possible to take the interview and test a candidate online itself why would they go for that lengthy and time-consuming process. So, it is clear that the nature and format of the interview have changed. Half of the things that you come to know are that how to crack an in-person interview doesn’t hold anymore.

So, let’s lookout how to ace a video interview or zoom interview by taking some different steps from an in-person interview:

Present the best of yourself

First of all, equip yourself with perfect clothes for the upper part of the body as it is mainly visible in the video. Greet your interviewer with a confident personality and a warm & enthusiastic smile. Make your first expression a good one as it is helping you to connect with a panel throughout the interview and it will leave a positive impact on the interviewer.

Don’t use your hand to describe your point, as such type of unnecessary movements can draw the attention of their mind, and they will not understand your point.

Always try to answer the question positively as any negativity and lack of engagement may work against you. Make sure you don’t show a very casual attitude and be in your interview attire.

Check your internet connection

We all know that the first impression is the last impression, but joining late because of an internet issue leaves a bad impression on the interviewers. When you’re joining the call turn your video and audio on with no background noises, don’t join like you’re setting up your camera and there is sharp hearable sound because of the low internet connection.

If video is blurred and audio isn’t clear throughout the interview it doesn’t matter how you gave the answers it will not convince them. Also, make sure that there are not any background noises, it may distract the interviewer from your points.

Research well about the company

You should enquire things about the company, how the company continues their work, based on that thing you can deliver your answer, like if the company is disciplined and follows the try and tested path to run their business, and if the company is interested in taking the risk.

And if you know the individual who is going to take your interview, then it’s a very good chance to impress him/her by searching all of his career histories. Browse the profile of the interviewer linked in, and after enquiring about it you will know which type of answers will help you to get a job.

Take care of little things

If your video is off, then your g-mail display picture will be displayed on their screen so make sure that your display picture on g-mail id is professional, otherwise, it may leave a bad impact on the interviewer. Keep away from putting any funny attitude quotes, gamer icons, and body-building images on your display picture.

After knowing the interviewer you can also change the background of your screen according to their preference. You can put your achievements or their company logo in the background and if you’re not understanding what to put in the background keep it blurred, it helps in focusing the interviewer on you.

Engage them throughout the interview

When people are looking at a screen, their span is very limited. In fact, according to research, the attention span on-screen is one-third to one-fourth lesser than in real life. It means if you’re giving the in-person interview and able to hold that person's attention for a minute then on the screen you’re able to hold the attention of the same person for about 15-20 seconds.

You can engage them by talking with help of data and portraying your life as themselves so they feel connected with your answers.

Rehearse it

Now you can’t rehearse in front of the mirror for the online job interview, try rehearsing by making a video and watching it where you make the mistakes. You need to understand how you can make your voice your strength. So, you must know how to take pauses and modulate your voice, change the tone where it’s needed. With the help of your voice, you can display your confidence without letting them have a focus on your video.

Maintain your speed of speaking low so that they can understand it, don’t use so many filler words like aahhh, you know, etc.

Make better facial expressions

Now in a video interview, there is no more focus on body language but the main focus is on facial language. Your eyes, lips, and face will tell everything. They can see what you’re saying and how you feel when you're speaking. When you smile enthusiasm should glimpse, when you raise your eyebrows with a little smile it shows excitement. If you know how to use a face, you know how to hypnotize the person.

Always end the interview on a positive note, it will leave an overall positive impression on the panel. Keep faith in yourself and always be positive, and in no time you can crack the interview by following the above tips.

Digital interviews aren’t going anywhere and keeping all these things in mind, you understand that dealing with digital interviews is a lot more different than normal interviews. Now, you need to change your skill to give an interview to upgrade yourself to face new challenges and that is the life to upgrade yourself in every decade to live life.

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