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10 Must Watch Movies to Watch Out for Youth

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

In our free time, we always want to do something refreshing if we are at home. There are not so many options to entertain ourselves, but one of the best options is watching movies and sometimes we also want to entertain ourselves by learning something from that thing.

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There are some tips before watching any movie to make the best use of watching it:

  • Watch movies with subtitles which helps you to know that language well and also improve your reading speed.

  • Pause and try to understand the meaning of that line, because it depicts something deep in that story.

  • If you are watching some knowledgeable documentary or movie, it’s up to you if you want to write down the important learning you can.

  • In the end, remember all the stories in your mind, you can find the answer to the hidden question in the story.

  • Explain the summary to your family and friends so that you can remember the story and apply those important learnings from the story in the future.

  • If you like any one of the movies so much, watch it again. You can find it more interesting after knowing some deep points. This method is the best for science fiction movies as this will help you to squeeze out the story.

So, the following are some movies that encourage you to do something good in life or take some steps about nature or your life hustle:

The Founder

From selling milkshakes to the world’s largest food chain company, a person who crosses 50 years of his age established a food giant named McDonald's which is now found across the globe. If this guy can start his new career at 50 years of age why can’t we do it in our 20s or 30s?

This movie kind of left you in shock by the end of it. All the actors and especially Michael Keaton doing the lead character Ray did a fantastic job, you will feel connected to the characters.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie depicts the story of every hustler and struggler. It is the story of a person who wants to live happily with family and struggles with financial problems. You get emotional and also get goosebumps with the outstanding acting of Will Smith. This movie can make you a fan of his acting.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The movie tells us the inspiring story of an Indian Athlete who won the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games two times and also an Olympian. From being an orphan to one of India’s greatest athletes, this story is inspired by an autobiography of Milkha Singh written by his daughter and co-written by himself. He is also known as “The Flying Sikh.”


This movie is going to shake your fundamentals, it’s mainly about sea creatures. After watching this you will know what you’re eating till now, fish loaded with Vitamin D and Proteins or containing Mercury.

According to research, a shark is a dangerous creature in the sea but sharks kill 10-20 humans in a year but humans kill approx. 30,000 sharks in a year. Watch out for this movie to find out more interesting facts.


If you are interested in science fiction movies then this movie is perfect for you. It won’t give any social message but gives you an idea of time travel and space. It is mainly the story of a father and daughter, who tried to get him back from space. You can also watch gravity, another sci-fi movie that will exhilarate you.


This movie of Shahrukh Khan is a must-watch for youth, who are leaving their country to find better jobs. The story of an American NASA scientist who returns to his native country India, and searches for his nanny who brings him up. If you already watched this watch it again in your 20s it will leave a different impact on you.


This documentary taught you the small things that you are ignoring in your life. By taking care of these things you can find the solution to the big problems. If one knows his point of view and what he wants to earn from his life then only he/she can be satisfied and happy.

If you are also following sheep's walk and running towards your social status then you can’t make anything big in life.

The Social Dilemma

After watching this you will know the dark secrets of social media, how they operate and how with the help of your data, they are giving the best experience to you. It explores the dangerous human impact of social networking.

Every person living in the present world is aware of how he or she is addicted to a drug called social media in other words we are being used as lab rats not to discover something new but selling to customers, here advertisers are customers you are just products.

Manjhi: The Mountain Man

A movie about an ordinary person who cuts down the mountain in front of his will. First, no one believes him that he will cut down the mountain but after years he will cut down the mountain after facing so many problems. This movie depicts a message if there is a will there's a way.

Jai Bhim

The story of a lawyer who fights against the caste system against rich and upper caste people. Court drama that is so thoroughly engaging & astonishing right from the start of the movie. It’s a story you have never heard of and a distinctively unique storyline. He helps a pregnant woman who is searching desperately for her husband, who is missing from police custody. So, to fight for her actor Suriya takes charge of the case for these people.

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