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10 Best Ways of Communication to Impress Anyone

The ability to communicate effectively with anyone is required to ensure continuous growth in your work, no matter in which sector and what work you are working. Communication plays a remarkable role in your success. Learning effective communication skills allows you to express your thoughts with personal as well as professional relationships.

Effective communication helps us better understand situations and people. It helps us to overcome diversities like which culture you follow, which religion you belong to. Developing communication skills can help us avoid conflicts and also help in taking better decisions.

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You can’t be able to ace communication by learning one or two skills, to be always effective in communication you need to excel in a bunch of skills that you are going to read in this article. So, here are some tips to impress anyone from personal to professional life by using some simple communication methods.

Active Listening

To continue the communication effectively first you need to listen to the speaker. In a study, it was found that an active listener has more chances to have good communication skills as compared to the person who speaks well. After listening only, you can decide what context you need to speak in to continue communication effectively.

If you are taking the point from the speaker‘s talk in your talk then others will feel heard and considered which will increase the chances of seeking attention and impress them in a few more minutes. We tend to hear the speech to give the answers but not to understand what the speaker wants to communicate, you don’t need to hear the talk you need to listen to it.

Make your point clear while speaking

By doing so you’re able to stick to your point and your answer will be in one direction throughout the talk; otherwise, especially in an interview, panels try to deviate you from your talk and suggest a simple and wrong task to test your presence of mind.

You need to talk like that if you’re telling the bitter truth it should feel like a sweet pill. Learning to speak the truth with tact or finesse to reward you with positive regard from those you’re working with or others.

Focus on your non-verbal communication

Without being distinctive as a word, non-verbal communication may speak louder than words. It includes your body language, facial expression, posture, dress, and styling sense. By seeing all these, any person can judge 50% how this person is going to behave. So make sure to take care of all these things especially dressing because it may differ from place to place.

These qualities should be in a person to impress someone on the first impression, by maintaining good body language and using your hands and facial expression at right time can be the easiest and simple methods to impress anyone.

Choose attire according to the person you meet

Your dressing style gives the idea to other people what type of person you are. It gives the first impression of you, if you’re not going to talk with the person but want to impress him/her, your attire and body language play a major role. If you're going to talk with the person then by your thoughts and your speaking they’ll get the idea of your behavior then the attire won’t be that important but it should be much better if you follow this rule everywhere.

Develop filter to be mature

Sometimes you’re going through an extreme state of happiness or sadness, so it won’t affect your communication and to avoid some important talks shared with the listener inflow of the state which we don’t want to. In these types of problems try to be the same in all the situations. Effective communicators generally have highly developed social communication skills to modulate their feelings and control their expressions.

Knowing how to react in an interpersonal context you’ll be able to carry your personal and professional life separately without any hurdles. It also gives you a sense of maturity which will help you not to be a part of the whispering game.

Maintain Eye contact in conversation

Eye contact can have a large influence on social behavior as firm eye contact is a powerful tool to impress anyone. Eye contact during a conversation is vital, it shows interest and attentiveness in what is being said. You shouldn’t stare at someone. If there is a group discussion then eye contact should go back and forth between the individuals.

Stay positive

Always try to speak positively, as it is a powerful skill to impress anyone. If the meaning of the sentence is negative try to frame it in your mind in such a way that it sounds positive.

The language of the brain is pictures, smells, tastes, sounds, feelings, and to a lesser extent. It’s difficult to translate thoughts and talk into brain-friendly imagery although it’s more difficult to translate talk into positive imagery during the conversation. So, to develop a positive explanatory style, you should start working from now.

Manage your mood and be the same with your behavior

It is the problem of most of the youth, in the first meeting they impress the people but it won’t last if you are someone who is not able to maintain their moods and behavior.

To tackle such problems you need to manage your mood swings & change your behavior permanently as you want to be the best in communication. Whatever is going around you don’t let the problems change your mood and always be full of enthusiasm, warmth, and confidence.

Keep the conversation continuing and ask questions

You’ll find all kinds of people when you get out of the confines of your home. Some people want to start the conversation but they somewhat hesitate to take steps, so if you find a similar situation you can start the conversation. When there is a 10 seconds break in conversation it looks a little awkward, so ask some questions about their thoughts and lifestyle to keep the conversation going on.

Try to avoid talks on political, religious, and personal interests

People have their view on every person whether he/she is a player or actor. If you mistakenly say something wrong about their idol, favorite person, they’ll not find it good and it affects the outcome of the conversation. Try to find out the interest of the person and then talk about their interests to easily impress them.

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