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10 Best Exercises to get six-pack abs quickly at home

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Nowadays, everyone from teens to a 50-year-old guy wants abs, it isn’t that too easy to make them. But this article is here to help you to get these in the minimum efforts possible.

These abs not just give you a fit & attractive appearance but they do far more than you think like a strong core abs help to improve stamina & athletic performance, reduce chances of low back pain, and prevent falls.

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Be sure that while you are committing to putting in the effort on this workout you don’t undervalue the role of nutrition in getting to where you want to be. We know that the most important element of getting ripped is having a good nutrition plan. You simply cannot out-train a bad diet. You need to eat healthy, while still enjoying the foods that you eat if you want to get your body fat levels down low enough to see your abs. So, a nutritious diet is as important as exercise to get six-pack abs in less time.

Here are the top 10 abdominal exercises that are based on your body weight only and you can perform at your home on your roof, garden and don’t require any gym equipment at all.

Bicycle Crunch(20 Reps):

In a Bicycle Crunch, lie down on your back, lift your both knees up, and make sure before starting you’re pulling your abdominal muscles in. So that when you breathe in naturally, the belly expands and when you exhale, the abdominal muscles draw inward, and now bend. So draw the body in flexing your spine, now take the hands behind your head, open up your elbows straight so that you can't see them, if you don’t do so you will get up by pulling your neck. Now you’re in the right posture, start doing one leg going in and the other leg goes out to rotate your body towards the leg which is in. This exercise affects the rectus abdominis, hips, and obliques.

Leg Scissors(20 Reps):

Lie down on your back, you should make sure your abs are engaged, your back is flat against the floor. Lift your legs in a straight position, put your hands in such a way that your thumb is in the direction of you, now you are going to alternate your lifted legs. If you’re finding it difficult, bend your knee up to 200 and start doing the same procedure. It helps to engage your core muscles, quad, glutes, and adductors.

W Raises(5 Reps):

This exercise is for lower abs, your position is the same as leg scissor cardio exercise now you are going to make shape ‘W’ with your leg movement, as your present position of legs is straight and up, comes down then up and comes down then up and by doing this exercise only your hips can do the movement with legs. You can do this exercise up to 10 times. This exercise helps you to harden your abs and affects the Transverse abdominis and internal & external oblique.

Levitation Crunches(10 Reps):

Lie down on your back and fold your knees so that your foot palm touches the floor. Straight up your hands perpendicular to the chest, now stretch your hand with the help of your shoulder. Keep trying to put your back on the floor and with the help of your shoulder try to keep your neck part and hands up, and don’t bend from your abdominal area. The rectus abdominis works in levitation crunches. These muscles run vertically along with your stomach.

Leg Raises(10 Reps):

For this, you are going to lay down, put your hands behind the lower back or slightly underneath near the gluts. It gives support to the lower back. This exercise is mainly for lower abdominals, taking your legs upward perpendicular from the ground, keeping your knees slightly bent, and now slowly lowering your legs towards the floor. Stop at that position where you’re feeling more resistance stay at that position and then start over. Exhale when your legs are up and inhale when they are coming down. Leg raises helps to improve flexibility across the back extensors and hips flexors.

Reverse Crunch(15 Reps):

Lie down on your back, bring the legs up 900, and also bend your knees perpendicular to your thigh, take behind your head to slightly support it. Now, keep your shoulder and head on the floor when your leg curls toward your chest, try to bring the knees in as elbows come up, keep the chin neutral, don’t bend your neck, and when you come down extend out slightly. Try not to back and forth otherwise you’ll give up in 4-5 reps, just try to keep it nice and tight when you come up. The reverse crunch is much better than normal crunches, it doesn’t put so much pressure on your spine as normal crunches do. Its intake strains from your neck and strengthens your rectus abdominis.

Oblique Crunch(10 Reps/5 Reps each side):

Lay down on the mat, on which side you want to work first that should be on top. Let’s start from the right side, bring the right leg up roll over it another side. Try to spread your legs wide as they focus more on your abdomen’s right part(obliques). You can put your right hand behind your neck and left on the floor or you can also take both hands up when you curl up your body. Now, come up with that position itself after 5 repetitions change your side.

This exercise tightens and tones the side abdominal region. It improves the balance and flexibility of our bodies.

Side Plank(1 minute each side):

Lie on your side and lift your upper body on your elbow. Your elbow has to be completely under your shoulder, feel stacked lift your body up, only feet and your hand should be in contact with the floor. You can put your other hand on your waist and try to raise your hip upward. Take a rest for 5-10 seconds, now, start it from the other side. This exercise reduces the risk of back injury, maintains perfect body posture and it also strengthens arms and wrists. It focuses on internal & external oblique.

Curl Ups(10 Reps):

For this exercise, you’re going to lay on your back, bend your knees, and your hand behind your head slightly supporting it. When you curl up your body upwards try to keep your chin straight and don’t bend your neck. Inhale when you go down and exhale when you get up, and when you go down straight up your knees and bend your knees when you curl up.

This exercise works on the endurance of the abdominal and it’s highly effective to reduce low back pain, it works on transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and obliques.

Russian twist(4 sets of 10 Reps) :

Sit down on your mat, bend your knees and take your feet up over the floor, balance your body with the help of your hips and now you are going to do twists from each side, by twisting your abs toward the right side and taking your both hands towards the twisted side. You can either do it with your body weight or with any ball or dumbbell. Trying to keep your head straight and keep your body moving, you can try this for up to 1 minute. This exercise helps you to build your core and your shoulders. This exercise is proven a great calorie burner, it engages all parts of the abdomen like the rectus abdominis, and right & left obliques.

Don’t be sad if you’re failing to do these exercises for a long duration, keep upgrading yourself, and be progressive because progression is the most important part of anything we exercise. It is the habits that will be formed that could carry over and be the true game-changer.

Note: Following are the main abdominal muscles:

  • Rectus abdominis.

  • Transverse abdominis.

  • External oblique.

  • Internal oblique.

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